Denis Treacy

Following a long career in teaching and IT, Denis had a revelation when he moved to rural Australia. Frequent droughts and neighbor's concerned attitudes toward water inspired him to re-invent an Aussie tradition: the bucket in the shower, which was useful  but unwieldy. What was the point of trying to save water when it sloshed all over the place on the way to the garden?  There had to be a better way. A conversation with his son Lyndon ensued and JOEYCAN was born.


Lyndon Treacy

Australian-born, New York-based Industrial designer Lyndon has over a decade of experience designing a wide array of products, from home appliances to medical apparatus to toys. When his father Denis approached him with the concept of JOEYCAN, Lyndon knew what had to be done. The designer spent over a year creating a product that would capture as much water as possible while being practical enough to use and store in the shower everyday.